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Accelerated Freefall Training

How to learn to skydive solo

This training discipline is where certified instructors accompany the student in freefall, holding onto the student's harness at first while the student demonstrates certain skills. It can be compared to learning to ride a bike with training wheels. This is the quickest, most effective and common training method used by USPA drop zones in the US. It is a 9 step, 8 jump course. At the bottom of this page is a breakdown of the AFF program and corresponding USPA Category jumps which can be found on our AFF training video page.


How does it work?

The student exits the aircraft with two USPA AFF Instructors holding onto the student’s parachute harness and they freefall together for 30 to 50 seconds depending on jump altitude, typically 10,000 to 13,000 feet. Instructors maintain grip on the student's harness to provide in-air instruction and assist with stability if necessary. The student opens his/her own parachute by 4,000 feet and pilots it to the landing area.


Since the student is wearing his/her own parachute, he/she must be trained to handle emergency procedures as well as landing procedures. AFF training usually consists of a 5 hour First Jump Course (FJC), and the first jump can often be accomplished on the same day. The USPA Online Ground School, while not a course that can be used as complete training, provides valuable information for first-time jumpers and is a great refresher for all students. It includes videos and information about skydiving equipment, exit, freefall, canopy flight, landing and emergency procedures


  1. First Jump Course – 5 hour classroom course to go over the basics of free fall, body position, canopy flight and emergency procedures - all required to skydive. ($150)

  2. CAT A Tandem Skydive - This will be a tandem skydive doing USPA Category A dive flow ($250)-(This jump is optional)

  3. AFF Category A - This will be a 2 instructor harness hold AFF Category A dive flow ($225)+$25 (Goggles & Logbook)

  4. AFF Category B - 2 Instructor Jump ($225)

  5. AFF Category C1 - 2 Instructor Jump ($225)

  6. AFF Category C2 - 1 Instructor Jump ($175)

  7. AFF Category D1 - 1 Instructor Jump ($175)

  8. AFF Category D2 - 1 Instructor Jump ($175)

  9. AFF Category E1 - 1 Instructor Jump ($175)


The total cost of AFF training is $1,525. Buy the entire package up-front and SAVE with a $100 DISCOUNT!

After you graduate the AFF program, you are released into "self-supervised" status. Meaning you are able to either jump by yourself or with a coach/instructor (You are not able to jump with other licensed skydivers until you are also licensed). You are then responsible for completing your A-license progression card which includes completing certain skills in freefall and under canopy. These must be signed off by either a coach or instructor after they are successfully completed. Once your progression card is completely filled out, you are now a licensed skydiver! This can be done in as little as 25 jumps (including your AFF jumps).

Check out our recent A-License graduates! 

So now what? How do I get started? Click on the First Jump Course button (FJC) below and sign up for the course. This is the very first step and is a prerequisite to the AFF program. This course covers pertinent information on the sport and prepares you for the rigors of your skydives. It is a mixture of classroom training and hands-on practical and participatory training using video, visual aids and skydiving equipment.


Please give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions on the FJC or our AFF training program! 515-243-1711 or


Keep in mind that we are a United States Parachute Association (USPA) group member drop zone which means that safety is our #1 priority and we pledge to abide by the basic safety requirements set forth by the USPA. The USPA website has A LOT of great information regarding learning to skydive via AFF.  Please feel free to research at


Click below to book your First Jump Course or buy a gift certificate!

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