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Our Dropzone & History

   Skydiving in the Des Moines area was started in the mid-fifties by several ex-airborne military.  The Des Moines Sport Parachute Club was formed in the early ‘60’s.  The Club first started jumping at Camp Dodge.  In 1974, Des Moines Skydivers, Inc. was incorporated.  Most of the founders had severed off from jumping in Perry.  While Perry continued to focus on style and accuracy, this splinter group was interested in the relatively new skydiving phenomena called “relative work.”

   The newly incorporated Club bought a Cessna 182.  In order to purchase the aircraft, several of the members took second mortgages on their homes without telling their wives.  The Club started at Eckman field, but soon moved to Husband field in Dallas Center.


In 1981, the club moved to the Knoxville airport. After several years in Knoxville, the decision was made to move to Winterset in 1987.  At that time, the “Club House” was an old mobile home until in 1991, the Club started consturction on a new 60x60 hangar. After gracing the skies of Winterset for more than 30 years, the club made the decision to move operations back to Knoxville starting in 2023 where a new 60x80 hangar is being constructed with an off-site club house.    
   The Des Moines Skydivers is one of the few remaining member-owned and operated skydiving clubs in the country.   We have members in their "teens" as well as members in their 70's.  We love our club history and our deep Iowa roots.
   Our drop zone is about a 40 minute drive from Downtown Des Moines. Our equipment and aircraft are professionally maintained for the safety of our students and experienced jumpers. Our facility is fully furnished for the comfort of all of our guests.

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