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Dropzone Briefing

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Airport Details
Code: KOXV

Runway length: 4,000'

Runway Directions: 150° & 330°

Field Elevation: 928'

Landing Pattern

  • Landing patterns will remain primarily Left hand North (330°) or Right hand South (150°) for most wind conditions.

  • Expect to do cross wind landings if winds are Westerly or Easterly

  • Know and respect your comfort and skill limits in these conditions

Jump Run

  • Most jump runs in Iowa are usually between 180° and 360° side of the compass

  • Check your spot before exiting

  • If it's too long, request a go-around, especially if it’s a Southern jump run

  • Only board members and/or S&TA's can set and/or adjust the jump run

Main Landing Area

  • Main landing area is 288,000 sq. ft. (1,600' long. x 180' wide)

Updated 10_2023 Landing Zoomed.jpg
Jump with your phone!

The BurbleMe App can be set to access your phone's location while you jump, allowing it to alert Manifest in real-time if there is an issue, such as landing off or being injured. This feature is readily accessible by selecting "DZ Emergency" from the app's main screen and choosing the appropriate option. When an emergency option is selected, it will appear as a banner alert on the Manifest screen with your location. 

BurbleMe App
BurbleMe App
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