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Experienced Jumpers


We are a club owned skydiving operation with a reputation of fun, friendly, down to earth skydivers. We have a huge hangar with plenty of padded mats for packing, a Big Ass Fan, including a climate controlled packing loft for those scorching or freezing days. You're welcome to bunk out in our hangar, which is equipped with bathrooms and showers. You will find our dropzone an active and friendly place with a good mix of RW, FF, CRW and wingsuit jumpers. Riggers/coaches/instructors are usually available.

Experienced Skydiver Events 2024:

Oct 25-27 - Halloween Boogie - Caravan

2024 Turbine Schedule

  • May 10-12 (Caravan)

  • May 24-26 (Caravan)

  • June 7-9 (Twin Otter)

  • June 14-16 (Caravan)

  • June 21-23 (Twin Otter)

  • July 5-7 (Caravan)

  • July 19-21 (Twin Otter)

  • August 2-4 (Caravan)

  • August 16-18 (Caravan)

  • August 30-Sept 2 (Twin Otter & Caravan)

  • September 13-15 (Caravan)

  • September 27-29 (Caravan)

  • October 11-13 (Caravan)

  • October 25-27 (Caravan)

Friday Night Turbine Potlucks

Join us for our Potlucks on each Friday during every turbine weekend throughout the season. All are invited to partake, bring a dish, and join our amazing community around the table!


More information can be found within our fb experienced group.

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