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Video & Photo Stills Packages


What kind of video and photo package do you offer?

We offer a complete video and photo package that will contain:

  • Pre-jump interview

  • Video of boarding

  • Video of the free-fall

  • Video of landing (wind contingent)

  • Post-jump interview

  • Edited HD video and high resolution photos sent to you for download

What exactly is the Video & Photo package?

Your skydive will be documented by a highly experienced videographer
using multiple high quality digital cameras to capture not just the skydive,
but your entire experience! Your package will include a HD video and dozens

of high resolution, quality photos. We don't take screen grabs from the video.

How much is the video and photo package?

The package is $130 ($170 for 20k jumps) and includes all of the bullet items above. The price of the video & photo package does not include the price of the skydive.

Why should I get the video & photo package?

Most people only go skydiving once in their lifetime. Hiring a videographer to document your skydive is a good way to share your experience with friends and family. Plus you can use that awesome freefall photo as your profile picture on social media!

How experienced are your videographers?

Many of our videographers each have thousands of skydives and thoroughly enjoy what they do!

How do the video and photos get taken during freefall?

The videographer typically has one still camera and one video camera securely attached to their helmet. The photo’s are taken using a “tongue switch.” This is a switch that is secured in the mouth of the videographer and as his/her tongue contacts the switch, it instructs the camera to snap a photo. This allows hundreds of high quality photos to be snapped while still allowing the videographer to perform normal skydiving duties. Pretty cool, huh?

Can't I just bring a GoPro and wear it myself?

Unfortunately, no. USPA recommends that you must be a licensed skydiver with a minimum of 200 skydives before you are permitted to fly with a camera.

How do I get the video and photos?

After the video has been edited and all files have been uploaded, you are then emailed a unique link where you can view and download all of the media from your jump. You can expect the email to arrive in your inbox approximately 1-3 days after your jump. Feel free to share the unique link with family and friends as they can view and download them as well!

Do you have an example of what the edited video looks like?

Yes! See below.

Marc, taking aim at a tandem jumper, is getting reading to exit the aircraft and is one of DMSD's awesome videographers.
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