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We fly higher and have longer free-falls than any other drop zone in Iowa!


Book your slot TODAY right on our website! 

We operate 2 types of airplanes (and occasionally specialty planes) which provide different experiences. Choose which plane you and your friends want to jump from!

Turbine Aircraft:

  • Jump Altitude: 14,000 ft

  • Passengers: 12 or 22

  • Cost: $280

  • Pros: Great for groups, Higher altitude, Longer freefall

  • Cons: Limited availability - See schedule

Piston Aircraft:

  • Jump Altitude: 10,500 ft

  • Passengers: 4 (up to 2 tandems, or 1 tandem with video)

  • Cost: $280

  • Pros: More availability

  • Cons: Not great for groups, Lower altitude

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